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The Freedom of Religion or Belief Learning Platform, Launch March 2018

The Freedom of Religion or Belief Learning Platform provides resources to help individuals, communities and decision-makers learn, reflect upon and promote freedom of religion or belief for all. It includes resources for personal study and for educators and facilitators to use in group trainings.

The learning resources include short human rights education films, written resources, group exercises and resources for theological and ethical reflection. Our core resources have been developed in dialogue with specialists and with reference people from a range of religious and belief backgrounds.


The learning platform aims to contribute to building a social, political and legal culture of freedom of religion or belief for all from the grassroots up and the top down. Peace, stability and development depend upon human rights, not least our ability to live together, accepting rights for all, despite our deepest differences.

Who is it for?

Learning platform resources are useful in a wide range of contexts and for a wide range of audiences.

  •   Parliamentarians, foreign ministry officials and diplomats
  •   Officials responsible for making or implementing public policy,including officials of the justice system such police, lawyers

    and judges

  •   Members and ordained or lay leaders of religious and beliefcommunities
  •   Training institutions for religious leaders such as theologicalseminaries
  •   Educational bodies teaching/students studying humanrights, democracy, law or religious studies
    •   NGO staff and business leaders working in contexts where seriousviolations occur
    •   Staff within human rights and freedom of religion or belieforganisations
    •   The media


Who is behind the platform?

The Freedom of Religion or Belief Learning Platform is an initiative of the Nordic Ecumenical Network on Freedom of Religion or Belief (NORFORB) in partnership with a wide range of secular and faith based organisations that seek to promote the human right to freedom of religion or belief for all, as given in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Members of NORFORB:

Swedish Mission Council, Church of Sweden International Department, The Uniting Church in Sweden, Danish Mission Council, Danish Mission Council Development Department, The Council on International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, Christian Council of Norway, Church of Norway Council on Ecumenical Relations, Stefanus Alliance International, Finish Ecumenical Council, FELM.

Core and Associate partners include the World Council of Churches, the Swedish Foundation for Human Rights, the World Evangelical Alliance and Christian Solidarity Worldwide, International Human and Ethical Union, Article 19, Forum 18, Religious Freedom and Business Foundation.

Get involved!

Use and share the resources

The resources on the learning platform are free for any person, organisation or company to use for the purpose of promoting reflection and learning on freedom of religion or belief for all. No permission is required.


We would love to hear your feedback about how you have used the resources, how they were received and what you found helpful or unhelpful! Are there other types of resources or topics related to freedom of religion or belief you would have liked to find here but didn’t?

Join the community

Has your organisation developed learning resources on freedom of religion or belief that might be useful to others? Or do you have a good practice case study on working to promote freedom of religion or belief that could be an inspiration to others?

Trainer’s network

Are you involved in providing training on freedom of religion or belief? Or are you a trainer who would like to be able to add this issue to your repertoire? The Freedom of Religion or Belief Learning Platform hopes to develop an international, inter-religious network of freedom of religion or belief trainers.

Please address enquiries to

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