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Threat to Neve Shalom Synagogue

On November 7, an unidentified person posted a note saying “To be Demolished” on the main entrance gate of Neve Shalom Synagogue, Istanbul’s largest synagogue.

Since it was Sabbath, the synagogue was empty at the time of the incident.

Neve Shalom Synagogue has experienced several attacks in the recent history. This last abusive offense aroused intense indignation among Turkish Jews.

According to eye witnesses’ statements, a 15-16 year old young male with a Turkish flag on his back posted the note.

The note in question was taken down by security guards, after being thoroughly examined against a possible bomb threat.

Shortly after the incident, Mr. Omer Celik, Minister of Tourism and Culture, tweeted, “Any kind of provocation against our Jewish citizens and synagogues shall not be allowed or tolerated.”

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